First Church Boston [FCB] - Ministers, 1630-2010

John Wilson

1. John Wilson
, born Windsor, England, 1588. Fellow, King’s College, Cambridge, 1608-1610. BA & Masters, 1613. Settled in Sudbury, Suffolk, England,1620-1630. Arrived New England, 1630. FCB 1630-67. Chaplain during Pequot War, 1637. Foe of Anne Hutchinson. Died in Boston, 1667, age 78.
John Eliot

-- John Eliot
, born, Widford, Hertfordshire, England, 1604. BA, Jesus College, Cambridge,1622. Teacher, Thomas Hooker’s School, Little Baddow, Essex, 1629. Arrived New England, 1631. Interem, FCB, 1631-2. Settled in Roxbury, 1632-90. Founded Roxbury Latin School, 1645. Worked among Native Americans at Natick (the 'Praying Indians.'). Known as “Apostle to the Indians.” Devised the first written form of theAlgonquian language for the translation of the Bible & other books. Died in Roxbury, 1690, age 86.

John Cotton 

2. John Cotton
, born, Derby, England, 1585. BA, Trinity College, Cambridge, 1602. Masters, Emmanuel College, 1606, BD, 1613. Fellow, Head Lecturer, Dean & Catechist, Emmanuel College. First Wife, Elizabeth Horrocks. Vicar, St. Botolph's Parish Church, Boston, Lincolnshire. Arrived New England, 1633. Second Wife, Sarah (Hawkredd-Story) Children: Seaborn, John (Jr), Elizabeth, Maria. FCB, 1633-52. Died in Boston, 1652, age 67.

 3. John Norton
, born, Hertfordshire, England, 1606. BA, Peterhouse, Cambridge, 1623, Masters, 1627. Curate, Bishop’s Stortford. Chaplain to Sir Henry Masham, High Lever, Essex. Arrived New England, 1635. Settled, Ipswich to 1653. FCB,1556-63. Active in drawing up Platform of Church Discipline, 1648. Chief instigator in persecution of Quakers. Overseer, Harvard College. Envoy to England, 1662. Died in Boston, 1663, age 57.

4. John Davenport, born Coventry, Warwickshire, England, 1597. BA, Brazenose College, Oxford. Masters, Merton College, 1616. BD, Magdalen Hall, 1625. Curate, St. Lawrence Jewry, London, 1619-24. Vicar, St. Stephen’s Church, London, 1625-33. Settled in Holland to 1635. Minister, New Haven, CT, 1638-67. FCB, 1668-70. Dissenter to Half-way Covenant proposal. Overseer, Harvard College. Died in Boston, 1670, age 72.

5. James Allen, born, Hampshire, England, 1632. Son of Hampshire Minister. Matriculated Magdalen Hall, Oxford, 1649. Chaplain, New College, 1649. Fellow, New College, 1650. BA, 1652, Masters, 1654. Ejected for non-conformity, 1662, moved to New England. FCB, 1668-1710. Fellow, Harvard College, 1700. Died in Boston, age 78.

6. John Oxenbridge, born, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England, 1609. Matriculated, Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1626. BA, Magdalen Hall, Oxford, 1628, Masters, 1631. Tutor, Magdalen Hall. Deprived by Archbishop Laud, 1634. Fellow, Eaton College, 1652. Llived in Bermuda, 1634-41, Beverly, England, 1642-62, Lecturer at Berwick-on-Tweed, 1650-51. Silenced, 1662. Settled in Surinam. 1662-67, Barbadoes, 1667-69. Boston, FCB, 1670-74. Died in Boston, 1674, age 66.

7. Joshua Moody, born, Ipswich, Suffolk, England, 1633. To Ipswich, New England, 1634. BA, Harvard College, 1653, Masters. Fellow, Harvard, 1656-58. Portsmouth, NH, 1658. FCB, 1684-93. Declined presidency Harvard College, 1684. Returned to Portsmouth 1693-97. Died there 1697, age 65.

John Bailey

8. John Bailey,
born, Lancashire, England, 1644. Early non-conformist. Many times imprisoned. Preacher Chester and Limerick, 1666. To Boston, New Englans, 1684. Assistant Pastor, Third (‘Old South’) Church. Watertown Church, 1686. FCB, 1693-97. Died in Boston, 1697, age 53.
Benjamin Wadsworth

9. Benjamin Wadsworth,
born, Milton, MBC, 1669. BA, MA, Harvard College, 1690, Fellow, 1697-1707, 1712-25. FCB, 1696-1725. President Harvard College 1725-36. Died in Boston, 1736, age 67.

10. Thomas Bridge, born Hackney, England, 1656. Schooled at Oxford. Arrived New England,1682. Honorary Masters, Harvard, 1712. Merchant & Minister: Jamaica, New Providence, Bermuda, West Jersey. FCB, 1705-15. Died in Boston, 1715, age 58.

Thomas Foxcroft

11. Thomas Foxcroft,
born Cambridge, New England, 1678. Father, Warden, King’s Chapel. BA, MA Harvard College,1714. FCB, 1717-69. Co-ministry, Charles Chauncy. Suffered stroke early in career. Died in Boston, 1769, age 72.

Charles Chauncy

12. Charles Chauncy
, born Boston, 1705. BA, MA, Harvard College, 1721. Honorary STD, University of Edinburgh, 1742. FCB, 1727-87. Founder of American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Ardent Patriot. Defender of liberal Congregationalism .Published [Universal] Salvation of All Men, 1784. Died in Boston, 1787, age 82.

John Clarke

13. John Clarke
, born Portsmouth, NH, 1755. Boston Latin School, MA Harvard College, 1777. Married Esther Orne of Salem, four children. Honarary DD, Edinburgh University. A founder and counsellor of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, member Massachusetts Historical Society, & coresponding secretary of the Humane Society of Massachusetts. FCB 1778-98, he believed "the doctrine of the Trinity is not a scripture doctrine." Died in Boston, 1798, age 42.

William Emerson

14. William Emerson

15. John Lovejoy Abbot

Nathaniel Langdon Frothingham

16. Nathaniel Langdon Frothingham

James Walker
, 'Pulpit Supply'

Rufus Ellis

17. Rufus Ellis

18. Stopford Wentworth Brooke

19. James Eells

Charles Edwards Park

20. Charles Edwards Park

Duncan Howlett

21. Duncan Howlett

Edward Daniels,

Rhys Williams

22. Rhys Williams,
Born in San Francisco, CA. February 27, 1929-July 20, 2003, minister of the First Church in Boston for forty years, was a civic leader, active in the establishment and promotion of institutions for education, housing, and the care of the sick and elderly.
Inspired by his uncle, David Rhys Williams, longtime minister of the Rochester, New York Unitarian Church, whose church he had joined in 1946, he decided on a ministerial career. Rev. Williams convinced his nephew to attend St. Lawrence University and its Theological School in Canton, New York.Williams first settled at the Unitarian Church in Charleston, South Carolina. He was ordained there in 1954.
St. Lawrence University recognized Williams's ministerial talents by honoring him with a D.D., 1966. Emerson College awarded him an LL.D, 1962.
In 1960 Williams became the minister of the First Church in Boston. He remained there, in the tradition of earlier Puritan ministers, for forty productive years. He saw his role as caring for his parishioners' emotional and physical needs as well as stimulating and enlarging their thinking about life.
In 1968 a fire destroyed the church proper. Only the spire, the Berkeley Street façade, and the parish house were saved. Standing in front of the smoking ruins Williams told newspaper reporters, "I've been here since 1960, and a little bit of me has gone up in smoke this morning." The congregation decided to rebuild on the same site. The new building, dedicated in 1972, which blended what had been saved from the fire with a contemporary structure designed by modernist architect Paul Rudolph, made possible the expansion of community-oriented projects. 
Williams retired in 2000.


Doris Hunter

Doris Hunter,
Interim, Born in Michigan, Dr. Doris Hunter was the Interim Minister of First Church Boston during 2000-1. She has a BA degree from Albion College, a STB and a PhD in Systematic Theology from Boston University. Ordained in 1975, she was Co-minister with her husband in Rockport MA from 1975 to 1992. As an accredited Interim Minister of the UUA, she has served ten churches in the greater New England area.

Reverend Kendrick

23. Stephen Kendrick,
Undergraduate BA--Princeton University;
Masters in Creative Writing MFA, Hollins College
M.Div., Harvard Divinity School

Interests in my ministry--
# Growing and sustaining a historic downtown church, including wide-ranging worship presentations, including WERS and now Facebook.
# Supporting unique First Church ministries, including Hale House, Hale Barnard, the Minns Committee, and Board leadership on UUA groups, such as the UU Pension Society, the UU Charitable Society, the Mass Congregational Charitable Society, and the UU Funding Panel.
# Helping FCB continue its vital Social Justice outreach, and to deepen its own historic self-understanding.
# Numerous publications, including most recently Nine Days: The Race to Save Martin Luther King's Life and Win the 1960 Election.


Reverend Rosemary Lloyd
24. Rosemary Lloyd

Second Church Boston [SCB] 'Old North' - Ministers, 1655-1974

1. John Mayo, 1655-1672

Increas Mather

Increase Mather, 1664-1723

Cotton Mather, 1684-1728

4. Joshua Gee, 1723-1748

5. Samuel Mather, 1732-1741

6. Samuel Checkley, 1747-1768

John Lathrop

John Lathrop, 1768-1816

Henry Ware, Jr., 1817-1830

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1829-1832

Chandler Robbins

Chandler Robbins, 1833-1874

. Robert Laird Collier, 1876-1879

12. Edward Augustus Horton, 1880-1892

13. Thomas Van Ness, 1893-1913

14. Samuel Raymond Maxwell, 1914-1919

15. Eugene Rodman Shippen, 1920-1930

16. Dudley Hayes Farrell, 1930-1932

17. DuBois LeFevre, 1933-1940

18. Walton Elbert Cole, 1941-1945

19. George Ernest Lynch, 1947-1949

20. Clayton Brooks Hale, 1950-1957

21. John Nicholls Booth, 1958-1963

22. John Kohlsaat Hammon, 1964-1974