Statue of John Winthrop

Charity’s Modell

The onely way to avoyde a shipwracke, and to provide for our posterity,
is to followe the counsell of Micah,
“to doe justly, to love mercy,” and “to walk humbly with our God.”

...we must be knitt one.
Wee must entertain each other in...affection.
Wee must be willing to abridge ourselves of our superfluities,
for the supply of other’s necessities.
Wee must uphold a familiar commerce together in all meekeness,
gentlenes, patience and liberality.
Wee must delight in eache other; make other’s conditions our oune;
rejoice together, mourne together, labour and suffer together,
allwayes hauving before our eyes our commission and community in the worke,
as members of the same body.
Soe shall wee keepe “the unitie of the spirit in the bond of peace.”

The Lord will be our God, and delight to dwell among us...
hee shall make us [such a] glory that men shall say of succeeding plantations,
‘the Lord make us like that of “New England.”’

For wee must consider that wee shall be as a citty upon a hill.
The eies of all people are uppon us.

If wee...deale falsely...we shall be made a story and a byword through[out] the world.

“A Modell of Christian Charity,”
John Winthrop, 1630