Royalty's Divine Right :: Congregational Church Governance 

                                    CASTLE                                                            CATHEDRAL                                                          MEETING HOUSE

           Tattershall Castle                             Saint Botolph, Boston England                              First Meeting House 
          Tattershall, residence of the Earl of Lincoln                St. Botolph, Boston, Lincolnshire, England                                    The First Meeting House
                    and home to Anne Bradstreet                              completed between 1510 and 1520                                               completed in 1632

                                KING                                                                 ARCHBISHOP                                                                        PASTOR

                  King Charles the First of England                             Archbishop Laud                                       Reverend John Davenport
                       Charles I, King of England                                     William Laud, Archbishop                                                   Reverend John Davenport
                       reigned from 1625 - 1649                          in the Church of England from 1633-1645                            pastor at FCB from 1668-1670, founder of Yale

                           ROYAL COURT                                              CHURCH HIERARCHY                                        GATHERING  OF NONCONFORMISTS 

             Queen Elizabeth the First and Parliament                      Cardinal Wolsey resigns                      Preaching in the Wilderness
                      Elizabeth I and Her Court                      Cardinal Wolsey resigns after being unable to secure                           Preaching under an Oak Tree
                                                                                     an annulment for King Henry VIII from the Pope

                                THRONE                                                             HIGH PULPIT                                                               PURITAN PULPIT

                     British Throne                                     John Cotton's Pulpit in Saint Botolph's                            Pastor's Desk, a Puritan pulpit
                           The British Throne                                                 Pulpit in St Botolph's                                                                 A Pastor's Desk