Architects considered:

Cambridge 7, H W Eisenberg, Walter Gropius, Huygers & Tappé, Carl Koch, José Luis Sert, Hugh Shepley,
Hugh Stubbins (Unitarian Church, Concord NY), Benjamin Thompson.

Architects invited to present proposals:

Marcel Breuer; Joseph Schiffer, (Unitarian Church, Andover MA); Joseph Eldredge (Strickland, Brigham & Eldredge);
Paul Rudolph. Walter Gropius declined.
The congregation was asked to vote its preference.

Rebuilding review:
(Arthur D Little, Inc, Cambridge MA,
September 5, 1968)

Evaluate the Church’s position in Boston, its history, its future, Trustees decisions, relevance of the Church today.
What is a Church’s role in the community?
Will First Church consider joining with another congregation?
Resolve concepts of architecture and program - program plannning and facilities - related to construction.
Consider problems between the architect’s desire for freedom of aesthetic design, & congregation’s wishes
for functional space, with financial planning to cover building costs and programs.

Paul M Rudolph & the First Church in Boston
sign a contract to ‘rebuild the Church,’ March 3, 1969

The Building Committee was composed of the Standing Committee and the Trustees of the Church.

Proposed changes & questions of the preliminary sight plan, visual perspective & interior, 1969-70:

To retain the tower & Berkeley facade.
Sanctuary placement moved next to entrance from Berkeley Street.
Light-opening ‘doo-dads.’
Placement of Organ & Choir. Acoustics.
Roof Garden. Amphitheater.

Dedication, 1972, the Honorable Elliot Richardson, Speaker